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White label Management Console 
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Brand it, and make it completely yours.

The power is in your hands to brand it and make it entirely your own.
Seamlessly customize every aspect of your label, from the logo and color scheme to the layout and design elements. 
With intuitive tools and flexible features, you can effortlessly imprint your brand identity onto every pixel, ensuring a unique and memorable online presence that reflects your vision and values. 

Choose where you host

You have the freedom to choose where you host your websites. Whether you prefer the convenience of our secure and reliable hosting services or opt for your preferred hosting provider, the decision is entirely yours. Enjoy the flexibility to select the hosting solution that best aligns with your needs and technical requirements. Whether you prioritize performance, scalability, or specific features, our platform empowers you to make the choice that suits your business goals.

Website management at scale

Effortlessly manage websites at scale, streamlining the process of overseeing many sites with ease. Our intuitive platform empowers you with robust management tools that simplify tasks such as content updates, and performance monitoring across all your websites. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and hello to efficient website management that saves you valuable time and resources. 

User management made for clearity 

Our user management is designed for clarity, ensuring seamless administration of user accounts with utmost transparency. Our intuitive platform offers robust user management tools that simplify the process of assigning roles, permissions, and access levels with crystal-clear clarity. Easily navigate user profiles, track activity, and maintain control over who has access to what, ensuring a secure and organized environment for your team. 
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Website builder

Your Builder, Your Brand, 

White label CMS | Starfish Cosmos

Website builder

Your Brand, Your Builder

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Website builder

Your Brand, Your Builder

The Ultimate White Label Website Builder

Introducing the All-Inclusive Cosmos Solution - Your Premier White Label Website Builder! Leave behind technical complexities and welcome a seamlessly SEO-optimized, professional-grade website that's effortlessly managed, empowering you to serve your customers with confidence.

Boost Client Websites: Power Up with Advanced SEO

With our precise SEO features like keyword optimization and meta descriptions, ensure their websites stand out in search results. Boost organic traffic effortlessly, helping clients attract more visitors and elevate their online presence. With just a click, position your clients ahead of the competition and solidify your reputation as a provider of cutting-edge solutions. Experience the difference our platform can make in driving success for your client's businesses!

Tailored Design Solutions: Your Brand, Your Style

Let's Discuss Design: Your Brand, Your Style. Our customizable templates, intelligent color palettes, and versatile built-in sections ensure your website reflects your unique identity. Whether you lean towards minimalism or crave sophistication, our website builder offers the ideal solution tailored for you.

Effortless Scalability: Enhance  Your Business Growth

Seamless Scalability for Your Growing Business! Our scalable infrastructure ensures smooth expansion as you add pages and websites to your portfolio. Focus on business growth while we handle the rest. Plus, our solution integrates with social networks and offers robust digital marketing features to enhance your online presence."
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AI-Powered CMS: Your Digital Advantage

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AI-Powered CMS: Your Digital Advantage

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AI-Powered CMS: Your Digital Advantage

Maximize Your Website's Impact with our AI

Harness AI within your CMS for tangible results. Personalized content, optimized SEO, and streamlined performance drive engagement and conversions. Experience digital success firsthand.

Dynamic content abilities that'll blow your mind

Empower your Whitelabel endeavor with our CMS, offering your client unparalleled control over their website's content. Seamlessly updating and managing dynamic elements, fostering visitor engagement and their return.

Scaling that's built for growth.

As your business grows, so do your websites. 
Our CMS is built for scalability, allowing you and your customers to easily add and manage new websites from one central location easily.

Copy content in a flash

Save time recreating content for multiple websites. Our CMS allows you to quickly and easily copy or display content from one site to another, saving you time, increasing efficiency, and giving you the ability to scale with ease
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Offer a Seamless Shopping Experience as part of your label

White label E-commerce product page | Starfish Cosmos


Offer a Seamless Shopping Experience as part of your label

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Offer a Seamless Shopping Experience as part of your label

Effortless Online Store Creation

creating an online store has never been easier. Our platform offers intuitive tools and seamless integrations that streamline the process of building and launching your e-commerce store with minimal effort. From customizable templates to user-friendly interfaces, we provide everything you need to design a stunning storefront that showcases your products and brand. 

Connect your payment provider

Connecting your preferred payment provider is seamless and hassle-free. Effortless integration with a wide range of payment gateways allows you to choose the provider that best suits your business needs and preferences.

Fully integrated with the builder

The convenience of fully integrated eCommerce capabilities seamlessly incorporated into the builder. Our platform eliminates the need for separate systems or plugins by offering a comprehensive suite of eCommerce tools directly within the website builder interface.

Upsell your customers through

Expand your customer's online potential by seamlessly integrating eCommerce functionality beyond their initial website package. With our white-label website building solution, you can effortlessly introduce eCommerce features, unlocking new revenue streams and broadening your digital footprint.
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